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Hey business Hero. People out there are looking for products or services like yours every minute of the day. If you are invisible no one will find you. Our proven strategy will give your business website the exposure it deserves.


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Simply put, more traffic equals more leads and more revenue. We help you leverage the power of google and social media to your advantage.


Expand your customer base

Do not let potential customers go to your competition. In other words, the internet is growing and evolving. And if your website is not compelling people will click away within seconds. We will help your creat a Brand and an online presence


Services We Offer


Web Design

We are passionate about designing high converting, visually stunning websites, focused on results and user experience. Our Website Designs are handcrafted with the end user in mind.

Social Media

Engage with customers and fans on Social Media.  Make sure your audience knows about products and services that you offer.  We will help your business gain followers, earning trust and brand recognition in the process. 

Search Engine Optimisation

You know, SEO is something that completely turns around companies. It really provides an opportunity to connect with their customers, exactly when they need them.  We are a results driven SEO agency. Plain and simple, we get your website listed on the first page of google.  

E-commerce website

There has never been a bigger opportunity for business owners to sell their products or services online. Create your own custom-built e-commerce website to showcase your products and services. Start growing your business in 2016

Open Door Policy

Our open door policy means that you can contact us whenever you like (within reasonable hours!) We give you our personal email address and mobile phone number. We want you to succeed, your success is our success.

Weekly Reports

We will provide you with a weekly keyword performance report. This includes your current rankings in search engines, any changes made to your website and  recommendations to help you increase your visibility.

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Compelling Content

Ain't it worthless having a great looking website with crappy boring content all over. We make sure that the content on your website is relevant, filled with revenue producing keywords, branded and catchy.

One of the search engines has led you here today. There could be many reasons why you landed here looking for search engine optimisation and web design. It could be that you know that your website needs to have a better ranking on search engines, improved web design or create an inviting page structure and great written sales copy i.e compelling content. Maybe your website is not producing enough revenue or maybe you are looking to attract more clients.  


Search marketing is a more profitable place to spend marketing dollars than those other forms. With our affordable pricing and strategy for long term investment success, you will make a return with the first few months. We will set up google analytics for your website so you get to know which keyword phrase are converting the most and optimize your web properties around those keywords.

The biggest mistake most business owner do is assume that their web design company or IT personnel know something about SEO. 99% do not have a clue.  We do not cut short cuts and use only the right approach, what we like to call white hat SEO techniques.

Logo Design

A company logo is one of those things that people remember the most when you mention a brand. Don't have a logo yet. No worries. Our logo designer will convert your ideas into an awesome branded logo. 

Why SEO?  Search engine optimisation is a very cost effective way to advertise online.  Having a web presence in the top results of search engines increases your reputation. We have been conditioned to believe that businesses who feature on the first page of google are the best brands out there.

Local Search

Benefit from Local Search Optimisation. We will add your website to Google My Business and make sure you feature on google maps for your local search terms. You will also get access to google analytics, where you can track the performance and conversion of each keyword phrase.

Committed to provide the best possible service. No challenge too big, no detail too small.

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The Benefits Of SEO For Local Businesses

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Joevren Curmi Owner Curmi Marketing

A Premier SEO and Web Development Agency in Dubai

Welcome to our website, we are Curmi Marketing Dubai, a passionate and results driven team, obsessed with all things digital marketing. We believe that the only  way to do great work is to love what you do.  Our work every day is sharing that drive and passion with others and helping  transform businesses online. We get to work with a bunch of other successful entrepreneurs, share ideas and implement  strategies.

Our Web Design Service

 Just like any other project, we deal with human beings first. We start with a client brief and lay out a custom plan for your  website. We organise ideas to determine the overall layout and design, how may pages the website is going to have, the different types of content that is going to be on there and what media types are going to be on the website just to name a few.  You will get a secure, custom-made intelligent web development solution, focused on helping your brand grow online. Wordpress is the most commonly used publishing platform.  We also build websites on Drupal and Joomla platforms. All our websites are mobile compliant. 

  • Is a Great Looking Website Going to Bring You New Leads and Customers?

When it comes to building an online presence, a great web design is not enough. To increase exposure you need to put your website in front of customers. You have to be careful with selecting the right company to do the search engine optimization for you.  So much of your business is on the line here. Making the wrong move will work against you and harm your visibility efforts. During the past 4 years we help over 100 businesses like yours get discovered online by implementing our proven system and optimize websites for better rankings.    

You might ask yourself, why does my business need an SEO expert? People go online nowadays to solve their problems, find products and services they need right now. When the person on the other end does not know the solution, they grab their smart phone, google that problem, finds the solution in google's SEPRs, clicks on a result (could be phone # ), decides whether to use that company at the other end.  If you put businesses in front of search engine traffic then you could literally alter what a business can do. Content distribution on social media should be a part of every company's marketing strategy, but is simply not enough.

  • Selecting The Right Keywords

Finding the right buyer intent keywords is an integral part of SEO to determine how customers will find you. We will analyse your business together, study your market segment and your customer's online behavior, reverse engineer your competition and do the keyword research to find relevant key phrases related to your business niche, with a decent amount of monthly search.

At Curmi Marketing we build optimized content based on those keywords. We have creative writers, we know how to get these on the right channels. We know how to get articles on a powerful site that gives you authority, lends its authority to you for better rankings.   We analyse your market segment, your customer's online behavior, and your competition. 

Our ultimate goal is to drive laser targeted traffic specifically from search engines to your web properties.  When a company is at the top of the search engines,
its a huge vote of confidence, A search engine optimized website will help you build your brand credibility and expand your customer base. So we really take advantage not only of getting that traffic but also the vote of confidence that google, one of the top companies, is telling your customers that you are the best can provide for you.

  • Paying for a High Quality Service 

We at Curmi Marketing would love to help everyone achieve great success through our expertise. Just like you, we are real genuine people with a deep passion for what we do.  There are no two businesses alike and each business has its own financial goals they look forward to achieving. Any company that offers standard SEO packages just don't understand business very well.  The local mom and pap shop trying to capture a local market will never be charged as much as a national company going after a global, more competitive market. 

  • Developing A Ranking Strategy for the Long Haul

Ranking on the first page for a few months then disappear is one thing, sticking there for the long term is another. Your Dubai SEO company must create a solid linking strategy that will stand the test of time.  It takes a great amount of effort and hard work behind the scenes to develop the right strategy. A professional SEO expert in Dubai is expected to charge the right price to deliver an exceptional services and achieve successful results.   The price is always based on the time, energy and resources required to boost your website rankings to the top of major search engines.

  • Time To Make a Move

More and more people are looking for answer online. Each day that passes, your competition is feeding off of your potential customers and taking your income home.  If you would like to find out about our effective search engine optimisation in Dubai, that transforms businesses, you need to fill out an application on our discovery page. We just want to have a close look at your business, what you are selling,  and what you want to accomplish. We will then painstakingly review your form and design a custom plan to drive more targeted traffic to your website and to grow your revenue.  

  • Worry Free Contract

We do a month to month contract, meaning that you do not have to keep paying us if you don't see positive results in search engines. Why should you be forced to get into a fixed contract?

Take your business primal, contact the best SEO company in Dubai today for a free consultation.

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